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We promote open Objectivism: the philosophy of reason, achievement, individualism, and freedom. Ayn Rand's philosophy of Objectivism was set forth in such works as her epic novel Atlas Shrugged, and in her brilliant non-fiction essays. Objectivism is designed as a guide to life, and celebrates the remarkable potential and power of the individual. Objectivism also challenges the doctrines of irrationalism, self-sacrifice, brute force, and collectivism that have brought centuries of chaos and misery into the lives of millions of individuals. It provides fascinating insights into the world of politics, art, education, foreign policy, science, and more, rewarding you with a rich understanding of how ideas shape your world. Those who discover Objectivism often describe the experience as life-changing and liberating. Ayn Rand's philosophical works have been praised as presenting historic breakthroughs in thinking. At the Atlas Society, our scholars work to further develop this philosophy born in the mid-twentieth century. We present the empowering principles of Objectivism to a global audience, and offer those principles as a rational and moral alternative in the marketplace of philosophical ideas.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. The Atlas Society Asks Johan Norberg

    Johan Norberg is the author of several books, including the newly released "Open: The Story of Human Progress," which argues that the key to human success is openness, “the freedom to explore and exchange – whether it’s goods, ideas or people.” A native of Sweden and a Cato Senior Fellow, ...


  2. The Atlas Society Asks Frank Brooks

    For over twenty years, Trustee of The Atlas Society, Frank Brooks was the managing principal, CEO, and chairman of design firm FreemanWhite, Inc., and coordinated its sale in 2015 to the Haskell Company. A registered architect in over 20 states, he has been personally responsible for the planning and design ...


  3. The Atlas Society Asks Victor Davis Hanson

    The Atlas Society Asks Victor Davis Hanson, the award-winning historian and political commentator. He is the author of The Case for Trump, which details Trump’s journey from businessman to president. ...


  4. The Atlas Society Asks Anne Heller

    Anne Heller is the author of the groundbreaking biography "Ayn Rand and the World She Made." Anne delves into Ayn Rand’s early childhood in czarist Russia, through the Russian Revolution, to her life and career in the United States. Anne has also written "Hannah Arendt: A Life in Dark TImes," ...


  5. The Atlas Society Asks Michael Shellenberger

    Michael Shellenberger’s latest best-selling book, Apocalypse Never, is a lifelong environmentalist activist. The 2020 book came about as a result of his concern about the lack of science in the public discussion on climate change. He writes on a variety of topics, such as homelessness, addiction, and California’s forest fires. ...